Monday, September 12, 2011

Emotional Kind Of A Day

With yesterday being the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, it amazes me what I can remember versus the things I can not.  You know you try to remember a day and all you get are bits an pieces, but on a day like that you remember almost every little piece of your day.  I just turned on the TV to see WTC Tower 1 in flames not knowing a plane had just hit it, picked up the phone and we had no phone service, walked back in to watch more of the coverage and the 2nd plane hit Tower 2.  I was stunned gathered up my then 11 1/2 year old he would be a year a little over a week from that day and walked to my in laws to use the phone.  I was to officiate a Volleyball match that evening when I call the athletic director said that all activities for that evening and maybe more that week had been postponed in light of the tragic events unfolding before our eyes, and that all schools in that city were having parents pick their children up and school was closing for the remainder of the day.  I had figured out that I had forgotten to pay our phone bill and that is why our service was out, but at the time that was the farthest from my mind.  While standing talking to the lady at the phone company the plane hit the pentagon, it was just shock and a non understanding of what was actually taking place on our soil.  I walked back home by that time the skies were a eerie quiet, my mom and dad had brought a swing set down from my brothers that day and as we stood outside the fighter jets started flying over, for several hours off and on that was all I heard in the skies.  This was definitely not a typical Tuesday!

Its funny how you can remember those things but not a simple day or person, I try hard to remember things about family members who have went to a better place and are watching over.  But still there are only little tidbits that I can hold on too.  I was watching the numerous televised ceremony specials and realized only after watching the 9/11 tribute that was hosted by Robert DeNiro that the terrorist did not only harm innocent people  in the Towers, Pentagon, Flight 93, and the other Flights;  they harmed other nations as well.  There were Americans yes, but African-American, Muslim, Hindu, Chinese, Japanese, and many others.  They were either on the planes when they were hijacked, working on a Tower floor, were a police officer, firefighter, EMT, doctor, nurse, port authority, Chaplin, or service member.  All of these people risking their lives were from some heritage that came here for a better place to live and raise a family, or they were here working for there own country at WTC.  So the terrorist did not just plot against us they plotted against all these other nationalities as well, it wasn't just the US that was in war it was a lot.  Even taking there own faith of Muslim, which is pure evil.  Seeing all of this unfold 10 years ago was just shock but seeing those photos and video footage that had never been seen just torn my heart completely out.  To all those families that lost someone whether on that day or since from the war to the diseases that have now surfaced from the debris at ground zero my thoughts are with them all, I have lost loved ones but can not phathom loosing some one in that way.  To all of those people who perished, or worked that day you are all heros so are their families!

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Well things are just going by

Since I have last posted which I have to admit has been a while we have had lots happen.  First our son's allergies he passed the milk challenge but not the egg,  he can have them in moderation if they are not cooked into something already but only at home because he breaks out into hives.  Second our electricity troubles finally came down to the light company coming into fix a bad neutral line coming into the house, thank the lord too because we were afraid it was internal and have to shell out a ton of money to fix it.  Third we finally got our loan modification after several months of fighting tooth and nail to get it and now we are on the right track again with it before long I will be contacting Churchill and trying to refinance the house, I will be rid of Wells Fargo if it kills me trying!  Fourth in June we changed from our old internet provider which was point to point service and horrid to DSL service with the local telephone company, with that came better service and more speed, at almost the same price give or take a few dollars.  Fifth in July we let Dishnet work shut our service off and we have not had it since, we have been living on netflix, antenna, hulu, or other online watching sites, this saves us about $80 a month, and Dish will get paid when I am ready to pay them to because of the horrible service we have had to deal with for last 6 months, I requested a new remote that long ago and still no remote to be seen, so they will have to wait for me to get around to paying them and sending their equipment back also, hey its not my fault they were crappy!!!

We are back in school now and I must say hooray as both the boys are in same building and there from the time I drop them off of the bus to the time I roll back in and they are released for the bus.  I am now trying to work my @ home business as well as my High School volleyball schedule and driving the bus.  If you are interested in what I am doing from home click on link in side bar and request for me to contact you!  I have been with this company as a customer for 4 years because I love their products!!  I am no longer working at the outside sand volleyball courts due to major drama and selfish management practices and that is all I will say about that issue!!   Yes this takes away income but the time I was there was only going to fill our gas tanks and not much else this summer with the gas prices as high as they were.  Still plugging away with debt and regular monthly bills not much getting paid down because we are in limbo mode, but I have become an avid couponer and I will be until the day I die,  I am saving so much and helping out the budget doing so now to get back on track with the monthly budget which has taken a bad back seat this summer to no regular income it has been hard to fulfill one.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Murphy Get OUT!!!!!!!!!

Since my last post Murphy has just not stopped.  We went through December not putting a cent in emergency fund because we had none to spare.  We learned that we can make it on what food/s we have in the house and make some pretty decent meals out of them.  January's budget was none existent, and February if looking bleak.    All of us have had the nasty flu bug that has been going around here, it is bad when the Mr. goes down and can;t even go to work (that means he is down for the count) he doesn't get sick that much but when he does it pack a wallop for him.  We have also had major furnace trouble and a problem with our electricity surging to the point where when we have the living room things going, we can't run dishwasher, garbage disposal, and washer and dryer together or it pops everything in the living room.  Our furnace went out yesterday called and got it fixed, we went to FPU last night got home to it being out again.  Waiting on repair man to come back and see if its the transformer again this will make the third.  Plus I need to get a hold of a friend and is going to check out our breaker box to see if the surging is that or coming from the power lines/company itself.  If we dont get this fix soon I fear we could have a even bigger problem or no house to come home to!
I am sitting here with a blanket wrapped around me stove on and our eden pure cranked all the way up, still it is chilly because we aren't exactly having what one would call a heat wave.  We have had more the 12 inches of snow fall and temps hovering under 20 for the past 2 plus weeks.  We have had no school which has left me sitting not getting paid, I eventually will in May when we make those days up but that doesn't help right now.   We are going to be stretching it this week to make it with gas money for work travels.  I have heard of stretching yourself thin but this is ridiculous!!!  Trying to head in a positive way has been a step forward and many back.  Just have to keep telling myself it will all come to an end and we will be alright.  I know we can do this just have to keep my chin up

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Debt Update

Well Murphy walked through our doors last week, our emergency fund is gone.  We were working with our mortgage company on a modification after the moratorium payments we were making after Mr. got laid off.  They hit us with a great big bombshell of a balloon payment to start this modification of $2400 big ones.   Yup you heard me right, we had to use the emergency fund just to stay in our house, now some of you would say that , thats not really an emergency well I am not moving my family right before Christmas, especially after we worked all summer making those payments only to get this thrown at us.  So for now we are stopping all debt reduction to build the emergency fund back up once again.  I am so frustrated with this that I just want to sit and cry at times, but I know that will not solve the problem and only make me feel worse.
Tonight is week 6 of FPU and I must say that week 5 was interesting, I got our credit reports.  I am very impressed with them the last time we got them there were still things on them from when we filed bankruptcy that were not supposed to be reporting because they were in the bankruptcy.  It falls off our record this coming year and I am glad, wish tho I would have know about Dave before we had to do that!   There are a couple of things on mine that I think I might dispute because they are collections that were paid to the original creditor, and are still being reported as unpaid by the collection agencies!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Great Big Update!

Its not of the financial sort but, our youngest son has food allergies and had a milk food challenge today!  Need I say he passed with flying colors I am so glad that is over and now we can focus on the next challenge of egg.  I will keep you posted on how it goes!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Week #4 of FPU

We were amazed with the "Dumping Debt" chapter, I love how Dave goes through this lesson.  His way of getting the point across is just uncanny LOL!  I sat down while doing last weeks chapter homework and also did the debt snowball in the gazelle budgeting forms center online.  I like both paper and online methods and the are a real eye opener let me tell ya.  I have to admit tho that I splurged Saturday night and bought a pay per view I should not have and Mr. Booting promptly held up our FPU book and looked at me and said and I quote "Dave would not like what you have just done, remember our cash flow sheet".  I felt like I was 2 inches tall and admitted my fault, and that it wouldn't happen again. Looks like I have an accountability partner here in my own house.  We have however managed to pay off some debt and will probably pay off some more tomorrow when his check hits the account.  I am proud of our progress and how in tune we both are with the budget, our full blow cash flow budget will not start until December, because we were already into the month when we made the first budget.  I am updating side bars after I finish this post, I am taking out the mortgage for now until we dump all the remaining debt and them I will add it back on when we start tackling it.  So for now we are still funding the emergency fund which should be full in the next month, and dumping debt at the same time.  It should work out fine since I added that to our gazelle budget LOL!  I will stop funding the account however when it reaches $1000.  Then I can focus that allotment to the debt, fingers crossed here and I will not say the name we all recognize and hate so much.  The forms are so simple now to do too that I really am asking myself why didn't we do this sooner, oh yeah cause in Dave's words "We were stupid!"

Friday, November 12, 2010

FPU- Cash Flow

We have finished the cash flow sheet class for FPU.  All I can say is WOW!  I was in utter shock when I learned what we really lived on month to month.  Here I thought we lived on much more but the reality is that we are always relying on overtime or my activity trip hours.  I now see that it is very wrong to live this way and we can do it plus some on just a take home pay.  With that said I think December is going to be a great month of paying off debt, on a side note I used my some of my officiating checks to put Christmas on layaway, and it will be paid off well before Christmas.  We roughly added up that we had a total of $31,000 to pay off give or take a couple of hundred.  Remember this is a estimate, and we are working on getting a perfect number (not sure if I should say perfect) while working the classes.  Unfortunately we are having to put money back in the emergency fund due to my last post (Where To Start), which I am very unhappy about.

On another little note here this budgeting is kinda what we have been doing anyway, but this system will help me to better my budgeting abilities.  I like that it has things I wouldn't even dream of putting on my budget because I don't think about those things.  I should tho, and will start adding funds to those over time.  Well off to work on the forms some more and work on the forms our mortgage company wants from us.  I have been under the weather this week too and everything has suffered very badly.